I❤️BEER volunBEER Information Page


A standard volunBEER shift is 4 hours.  There are many time slots available throughout the day and you’ll be able to choose the slot of your choice on the application form. There’s also the possibility of volunteering for an 8 hour shift. You can volunteer prior to the event and help with setup or volunteer during the event and help with event related tasks.


For every 4 hour shift, you’ll receive TWO general admission passes.  Each general admission pass includes admission to the event, a sample glass and sample tokens valued at $2 each.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code for volunteers.  We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing since there can be a ton of walking depending on the cask you’re given.


We expect you to work at a pace you are comfortable with.  Take your time in doing each task and if there’s something you don’t feel comfortable doing or if we ask you to do something beyond your abilities, we expect you to let us know.  We utilize a ton of volunteers so that everybody can work at a gradual and safe pace to accomplish each task.


Once you’ve filled out the application, expect a reply for confirmation within 48 hours.  A second confirmation will be required one week prior to the event.  If you do not hear from us within 48 hours after your application was submitted,  please reach out to Volunteer@iheartbeer.ca


If you can’t make it, please contact Volunteer@iheartbeer.ca to let us know.  There are only so many volunteer slots and we may be able to fill the spot with someone on the waitlist.


Upon arrival, you’ll need to sign the volunteer sheet located near the front entrance and report to Faron Benoit.

Collecting your Compensation

The volunteer sheet that you signed will be located at the ticket booth during the event.  When you arrive at the event, simply let the person at the ticket booth know that you’re a volunteer, that person will find you on the list and provide you with your general admission passes.