I❤️BEER volunBEER Roles

1 – Glassware Setup (Event Setup)

Tasks: Opening glassware boxes with knife, adding wristbands and tokens to each glass & setting up glassware on the tables and underneath the tables.

2 – Tents + Games Setup (Event Setup)

Tasks: Moving tents and games to specific areas within the venue, cleaning the foosball, BEERcades and beer pong tables and setting up 10-12 tents.

3 – Rinsing Station + Water Setup (Event Setup)

Tasks: Setting up tables, cleaning rinsing station and water station dispensers, filling up both the water and rinsing station dispensers with water and placing them at their designated areas.

4 – Token Sorting (Event setup)

Tasks: Adding 500 tokens to each token tray and placing them at the back of the token tent on a table.

5 – Equipment Cleaning (Event Setup)

Tasks: Cleaning different things within the venue if needed, helping other positions if needed or filling in for somebody who didn’t show up or cancelled at the last minute.

6 – Loading dock attendant (Event setup)

Tasks: Assist vendors with unloading and moving their Equipment to their booth within the venue.

7 – Enveloppe processing (Event setup)

Tasks: Complete and fill paperwork for vendor enveloppes prior to vendor arrivals

8 – Main Floor Helper (during event)

Tasks: Assist in emptying and rinsing station buckets, topping up water and rinsing stations and clearing tables of garbage.

9 – Glassware Helper (During Event)

Tasks: Assist in handing out glasses to ticket holders, breaking up glassware boxes and keeping the front area tidy.